Willow Leaf Palm Seminar

Most Tai Chi practitioners miss the hidden power of the Willow Leaf Palm. The source of grace, fluidity and jing. Willow Leaf Palm hides extraordinary power & strength. Adding this knowledge to the practice of

Meditation & Chi Kung Seminar

Temple Knights Martial Arts Academy with Sigung John Oliver Peel, 2nd generation student of Yang Chen Fu Gold medal Winner & Sifu Valerie Houston - Peel Meditation & Chi Kung Seminar Saturday, January 27 1

Teacher’s Certification Program

Teacher’s Certification Program for Temple Knights Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung & Meditation. Email us for more information.  Classes can only be attended with an  appointment. Four Year part time flexible program.    

Bracebridge – Tai Chi & Chi Kung : Sword, Sabre & Fan

 Join us on Thursdays at the Bracebridge School of Ballet for our  Tai Chi, Chi Kung, &  Meditation class from 10:30 - noon.  A balancing & nourishing workout for mind, body and spirit. Sword, Sabre

Power Tai Chi: Self Defense & Kung Fu Class

Join us at Temple Knights, every Tuesday night, for our Power Tai Chi & Kung Fu class Kung Fu class cross train option. A dynamic Workout!  

Muskoka Kung Fu Class

Join us for our Kung Fu class on Tuesday and Thursday nights. A traditional Kung Fu Workout for mind, body and spirit!  

Push Hands & Chi Sau Partner Seminar

A Must for all teacher's & Assistant teachers of Tai Chi & Kung Fu as well as anyone interested in advancing their Tai Chi self defense skills.

The Way of the Sword & Archery

Come learn The Way of the Sword & Archery Class, 2nd Saturday of every month. It is a dynamic 3 hour workout!  

Muskoka – Tai Chi, Chi Kung & Meditation

Join us ever Monday night, except for Holiday Mondays,  at Temple Knights for Tai Chi, Chi Kung & Meditation. A calming workout for stress release.  

Monday Kung Fu for Kid’s (6-12)

Join us on Mondays, except for Holiday Mondays, for a Kung Fu for Kids class, ages 5+ . A great workout for kids!  Develops focus, coordination, strength, flexibility, balance, self defense skills and good attitude!