Sifu Janna Clarke

Sifu Janna started her journey with Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan in 1998 with The Upper Ottawa Valley Tai Chi Club in Pembroke Ontario. She began training as a teacher for the club in 1999. She continued on her path with Temple Knights starting with Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung in 1999, Meditation in 2000, Kung Fu in 2001 and Novice(knight in training) & teacher training in 2004. Under the guidance of Sigung John Oliver Peel and Sifu Valerie Houston of Temple Knights Muskoka, Sifu Janna founded the Temple Knights Pembroke School in 2006. Sifu Janna was awarded her Tai Chi & Chi Kung Health Certification in 2007 and gained her black sash in Kung Fu followed by her promotion to Sifu in 2016.
In addition to Temple Knights curriculum Sifu Janna has studied Flying Rainbow Fan Form with Master Helen Wu. This beautiful form was originated by her mother Grandmaster and Professor Wang Ju Rong (1928-2005)one of the most highly regarded women in Chinese martial arts.
Sifu Janna is also a certified Registered Nutritional Product Advisor and is currently furthering her studies in acupressure.
Sifu Janna is an accomplished student, practitioner and teacher with Temple Knights and continues to offer a wide range of classes as well as presentations, retreats and seminars.

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