Sigung John Oliver Peel


Chang San Feng passed his knowledge on to Wang Zong, Chen Tong Shou, Zhang Son Xi, Yeji Mei, Wang Zong Yue and Jiang Fa, who passed the art to Chen Wang Ting, who taught Chen Chang Xin, Chen You Ben and Chen Jing Ping.  It was through the Chen Chang Xin lineage that Yang Lu Chan acquired his skills.  His son, Yang Jian, taught Yang Chen Fu, who taught General Chan Yueng, who taught Sigung John Oliver Peel in the 1970’s.


John Oliver Peel Tai Chi ChampionshipFounder of Temple Knights in 1982, Sigung John Peel has been studying and researching many different styles of martial arts including Hungar, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, Sword and Ninjutsu since the early 1960’s. He is a second generation student of Yang Chen Fu and a student of Master Ho Shu Ying. Inspired by Bruce Lee, his style is enriched by the practice of the soft internal styles and he has a deep understanding of Chi, movement, combat strategy/tactics, the meditative mind and philosophy. Sigung John Peel states, “It has been my pleasure to guide many seekers into the path of spiritual enlightenment through the martial arts.”

Sigung John Peel is also the author of the resourceful book “Tai Chi Journey.” Sigung John Oliver Peel is also a producer, writer, composer, director, actor, choreographer, painter, pilot, bonsai master, co-founder of The National Martial Arts Theatre Company, and has starred in several acclaimed martial arts instructional videos/DVD’s
selling on the international market.

In 2009 Master Peel took home a gold medal for his Yang style Tai Chi form and a silver for his saber, the two categories in which he participated in the Canadian Tai Chi Open Championships.

Master John Oliver Peel is a Judge with Wu Shu Ontario and Wu Shu Canada.


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