Temple Knights Arts

The Temple Knights lifestyle is one that aims towards a full and balanced life. The activities required for such a fulfilling lifestyle are solitary activity. social interaction, meditation / contemplation, physical activity, audience participation and creative activity.

While the martial arts meet many of these needs, we also participate in theatre, music, painting, sculpture and bonsai.


Martial arts lend themselves easily to performance as seen in countless films and on the stage. Our first foray into theatre was with the play, The 13th Knight, which was performed at Ontario Place. Later it was readapted as a musical called “Knights” and was run successfully at the Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville Ontario and The Opera House in Gravenhurst. These productions led to the creation of Scrooge the Musical which has had successful runs for two consecutive years. In 2010 and 2011 Temple Knights produced Treasure Island the Musical. All three of these musicals were written By John Oliver Peel.

For more information on our theatre productions, please visit:  Temple Knights Productions



Treasure Island The Musical

By John Oliver Peel

Muskoka resident John Oliver Peel, the writer & composer of the original musical “Knights”, Scrooge the Musical & Treasure island the Musical plays Long John Silver in this classic story.  The brilliant music & lyrics will stir your emotions & leave you with a smile and singing the melodies!


Bonsai is the art of shaping, training and cultivating miniature trees in shallow containers. The art can be found all over the world, but had its origins in China and Japan. Some species have the ability to survive for hundreds and even thousands of years. They are highly valued for their beauty and long life.

Sigung John Oliver Peel studied the art of bonsai under the great master John Yosio Naka, at the California Institute of Bonsai and received a teachers certificate. After moving to Muskoka, He began collecting local specimens and has trained and developed an impressive variety of trees, many of which are for sale.

Sigung John is available for demonstrations, lectures and workshops. Please contact us for more information.


Living in Muskoka inspires many people to paint. Each season offers a glorious variety of colour  and landscape. There are opportunities to paint and receive instruction at our camps and retreats.

Exhibition Team

Try out for our Exhibition team. Free training to those who qualify.

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