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Temple Knights Kung Fu, Tai Chi  Camp , offers beneficial & in-depth training for beginners  & advanced  in the natural serenity of forest, stone and water. A unique experience for personal growth. Join us for the adventure this year!

Wednesday, August 10 ~  Friday, August 13 ( 9 – 4 p.m.) & Saturday, August 13th ( 9 a.m. – noon)  followed by special events.

Nourishment for mind, body & spirit.

Meditation, Kung Fu Five Animals ~Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Crane & Snake.

Opportunity to cross train with Tai Chi and Chi Kung styles.

Weapons: Sword, Sabre, Staff, Nunchuks, Fan, Archery.

Obstacle Course, explore nature, make new friends.

Health information for healing and balance.

By the 1/2 day, day or  4 days.

Family ( 10% family rate) & Group packages available

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