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Fall classes are starting after September 7  at a variety of locations with physical distancing and safety measures. Contact us for more information.


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Online classes available too.

If you would like more information or to book an online class with us please contact Sifu Valerie at info@templeknights.com

or  Sifu Janna ( Renfrew County) at:  jnjclarke97@gmail.com


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Temple Knights Inter-School Tournament

Saturday, June 8th,  1 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Bracebridge United Church Auditorium

The participants will be divided into children &  adult competitors. All Kung Fu classes may participate.
Entry Fee: $20.00  Registration deadline: May 25th.


~ Forms – Empty Hand

~ Synchronized Forms – Includes 2 or more participants.

~Stationary Chi Sau – Rules – A player may not move a foot or put a hand on the ground. Pulling, pushing and chin na ( locks) are permitted. No punching or grabbing cloth.

~ Moving Chi Sau – Rules:  A flag is placed in the players sash, behind the back. To win a player may take the opponents flag or throw them to the mat or get them out of the ring.

~ Kungs – Endurance contests involving Crane & Horse stance.

* Email us for a Registration Form or pick one up at one of your classes.

If you’re not participating come and cheer on those that are!

A great way to polish your skills!