Chi Kung / Qigong

(Energy Work)

The healing arts have been a traditional part of martial arts. Throughout history, the sick and injured have looked to martial arts masters for their healing knowledge. The traditional Chinese view, has been to use exercise (chi kung, tai chi, kung fu), herbs, acupuncture, massage and meditation. The five element theory and the understanding of chi is at the heart of healing practice. At Temple Knights we teach this knowledge for self healing and to help others.

Sigung John has had the extraordinary benefit of studying with one of China’s greatest and most famous Chi Kung Masters – Ho Shu Ying.

Chi Kung, internal & external styles, use breath, visualization, postures and movements to increase energy flow through the meridians to the organs and throughout the body. It is an ancient health exercise that cultivates internal strength and improves immunity. We teach Shaolin and Wu Tang Chi Kung.

For martial artists, the development of chi is a great source of power and strength.

Chi Kung training is highly recommended for those in the health care profession.

While learning some Chi Kung from the internet or videos can have some basic value, it is crucially important for safe and higher success, to study with a qualified teacher.

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