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Breaking Through The Barriers

This board breaking seminar is guaranteed to unleash your teams potential!

Martial artists have long known that our limitations are in our own minds. This seminar teaches technique to overcome these limitations.  At the conclusion of this seminar every participant will successfully break a pine board with the palm of their hand. Boost your teams confidence and creative drive!

“Way of the Sword” Cutting through the Competition.

The Aim – to develop endurance, physical strength and mental sharpness. The means: the seminar employs Boken (wooden Sword), Katana (Samurai Sword) and martial Arts as a metaphor for developing mental toughness and competitive spirit. The course will refresh, stimulate and inspire both male and female executives, giving them a fire that will spread to ignite the entire company.
This program contains a significant amount of physical exercise while still remaining within the reach of any healthy novice trainee.

Seasonal Health & Wellness Programs

With each season there are specific exercises, meditations, associated organs and their meridians, colours, emotions, diet, inner and outer changes. Learn how to optimize your energy while finding harmony and balance with the coming of each season. Understand the cycles of nature.

Tai Chi (Grand Ultimate) Principles:

  • Centering
  • Rooting
  • Aligning
  • Relaxing
  • Focusing
  • Flowing

Understand these principles and implement them in to your daily life for optimum health and wellness.

Self Defense Programs Levels 1-9

Self Defense for Women
A special focus on defense for women, designed by a woman, Ng Moi — creator of Wing Chun. These are effective techniques that women will find most useful. Empower yourself!

Self Defense for Men
Combination Self Defense Seminar for Men & Women. Practical applications, strategy and tactics.


Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade

The most popular and beneficial Chi Kung exercise in China. These remarkable eight healing exercises are designed to increase breathing capacity, cultivate chi, promote flexibility, develop strength, nourish the organs and calm the mind. Gain a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Tai Chi Chi Kung – Grand Ultimate Energy Practice

Learn this set of fourteen incredible energy boosting exercises created to stimulate the Chi – life force energy. Tai Chi, Chi Kung balances the energy of the body and develops great internal strength for building the immune system. Learn breathing techniques, combined with movement and two healing sounds.

Nine Step Executive Development Program

This seminar will give you the tools you need to reach your highest level of performance. Intelligence, strength and speed don’t come from stress, sickness, and burn out. They come from the relaxed flow of energy and creative thinking that bursts forth from individuals who have discovered their inner power!

The Nine Steps were developed by Martial Arts Masters in ancient times to help them be victorious in battle and rule the nation. The techniques have been kept secret for centuries. While technology has changed, human beings haven’t, which makes the 9 Steps as potent today as they were in the past. Author, Artist and Martial Arts Grand Master John Oliver Peel is the first in modern times to adapt these techniques for the corporate world.

This seminar will have a tremendously positive effect on your performance levels, allowing you to work smarter, stronger, and faster. We know this knowledge will give you and your executive staff a significant advantage to your competitors.


Researchers have found parts of the cortex of people who meditate regularly are thicker than those of people who don’t. Areas of the brain that were thicker have to do with integration of emotion with thought and with the modulation of functions such as breathing and heart rate. Evidence has also shown that meditation slows down the aging-related atrophy of certain areas of the brain.

WU CHI – Stillness of mind and body. These meditation techniques will help to calm and bring clarity to the mind. Microcosmic Circuit meditation utilizes visualization to increase the flow of energy through the major meridians of the body. Learn techniques on how to screen your thoughts and develop the power of a positive state of mind.

Energy Boost – Lohan Chi Kung

Traditional martial arts is based on the spirit and combative principles of the five animal styles, namely:

  • Tiger – A clawing style built on bone strengthening exercises
  • Snake – For Chi and striking of vital points
  • Crane – To strengthen the sinews for balance and
    quick movement
  • Leopard – To develop power and speed
  • Dragon – For the training of the spirit

Build a strong and vigorous body as well as activate the life/vital energy known as chi with these eighteen dynamic movements that can be easily practiced in 10 minutes in an office space.

Efficiency of movement at its maximum!

The Warrior’s Way

Strategy, Tactics and Leadership

Based on the Book of Five Rings, the Japanese corporate bible for strategy and tactics, this seminar helps western business leaders understand these invaluable principles.

A must for corporate leaders!

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