March Break Kid’s Kung Fu Camp Click on link

March 18th 1:30 – 4 p.m.


Kid’s Kung Fu Camp

Wednesday, August 15 ~ Saturday, August 18th!

Develop your Kung Fu skills through a variety of  outdoor training methods,

fun Kung Fu games & challenging obstacle course!

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Kids Kung Fu Camp

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Kung Fu for Kids

Give your child essential skills that will carry him or her throughout life.

The Junior Knights program is traditional Kung Fu training that builds character and teaches respect and discipline. As a traditional school we are not competition oriented. The practice of martial arts imparts to your child the time honoured skill of self-defense. Concentrating on physical movements will increase focus, and coordination while developing strength and flexibility. Knowing kung fu in life gives one confidence. The practice of Kung Fu will also increase your child’s intelligence as it stimulates Chi flow to the brain.

We also have parent – child classes available.

View our Kung Fu for Kids class schedule.


Just wanted to send a note letting you know how happy we are with kung fu class again this year. Emmaline is enjoying it so much. I really appreciate how you incorporate physical fitness and teachings about energy and spirituality. I get such joy from watching the class each week – you really enrich those kids’ lives!

Thank you for what you do,

Rebecca Paul

“Johnny lives his Kung Fu. It’s a very special activity for him. Makes me happy to see him so engaged. Cheers and thx ”
– Sandra Waldi
“Cody has been talking about his lessons and showing us his “moves”!… he’s proud!

Brea Lajambe

Hi Sifu,

“The demonstration was wonderful.
Thank you again. A great addition to our evening of body, mind, spirit and emotion.”
-Patricia Wark

” I just wanted to let you know how much Samantha and I appreciate your time and hard work in teaching Quinton all that he knows in Kung Fu. Since September when Quinton started at your academy he has developed and grown in numerous ways both mentally and physically. Quinton has never lost enthusiasm to attend class, and when we are on our way home after class he is always so excited to tell me what he learned and that he cant wait to go back next week. On Thursday classes Samantha has told me that Quinton feels privileged to present to his fellow knight what he knows. I have noticed that Quinton’s attitude continues to be positive, and when he is asked to demonstrate w his Kung Fu at family get to-gathers, he puts on what we call his serious face and shows everyone what he has learned and is very proud to do it.
I believe that through your guidance it has helped develop Quinton into a confident, disciplined and very fit six year old that loves to practice martial arts.”
-Richard Valens
“I had fun at the tournament because I liked the obstacle course” Amy

“Kung Fu camp is my favourite camp” Todd

“I appreciate the values and techniques that my children have learned while studying Kung Fu at Temple Knights. Sigung and Sifu are great mentors for the kids. The discipline learned at Temple Knights extends beyond the classroom. We are very grateful to have such knowledgeable and top notch teachers right here in Muskoka.” – Kim Mckenzie


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