Kung Fu

Kung Fu means “disciplined expertise.” Master John Oliver Peel designed this modern Kung Fu system based on traditional Chinese martial arts originally developed by the Shaolin monks in the Honan province of China starting in the 6th century and later the Wudang monks who focused more on internal energy. Understanding the importance of a focused mind and strong chi the monks created a unique health and fighting system that influenced the whole world.

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Staff,  Sword, Sabre, Butterfly Swords, Archery, Three Sectional Staff, Spear, Nunchuks, Kenjitsu & Iron Body

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“The thorn protects the rose from those who would pluck the bloom.” – Sigung John Oliver Peel

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Bruce Lee

Grand Master Peel has taken the BEST of Shaolin 5 Animals Kung Fu (Dragon, Leopard, Snake, Tiger, and Crane), Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido and Kenjitsu to create the Temple Knights Kung Fu system. By focusing on the commonalities and unique qualities of each style’s theory and application, Master Peel has accomplished what many martial artists since Bruce Lee have strove to achieve. A complete versatile and adaptive tactical and strategic system that fulfills the 5 Element promise of mental and physical health, strength against the elements and defense against animal and human attack, including the use of many traditional weapons.


Kung Fu

Internal spirituality, Internal power.

We believe in combining styles and in developing a well rounded set of skills. We teach Chinese Grappling (Chin-na), strikes, take downs, pins, pressure points, and defense against weapons. Striving towards the perfection of internal spiritual internal power.