Long Weapons & Archery Seminar

Extend your Chi! Summer is here and it is a great time to explore Long Weapons. Options include: Sword, Staff, introduction to Spear, 3 sectional staff & Archery & Shirikens. Long weapons enhances strength and

Teacher’s Seminar

Join us for this highly informative and enlightening Seminar. We will be detailing and correcting form and techniques.   Addressing teacher's concerns and questions. Develop and improve your teaching skills. Teachers, assistant teachers and those who

Golden Path of Kung Fu & Shining Light Tai Chi /Chi Kung

Enlightenment through the martial arts’ body and mind awareness. Proper martial arts practice opens pathways in the brain for a greater clarity of thought and action. This seminar will engage students with mental and physical

March Break Kung Fu Camp for Kids

  March Break Five Animal Kung Fu Camp! Learn about the Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Crane & Snake through lots of fun Kung fu Games and skill development! Each animal has something valuable to teach you!

9 Gates Seminar

Begin your Journey into the Nine Gates – November 28th The first 3 internal gates develop strength of mind and body, intuition and psychic ability. Develop the ability to have premonitions of danger. The first

Muskoka – Kung Fu Class

Join us for our Kung Fu class on Tuesday and Thursday nights. A great Workout for Mind, Body & Spirit! Younger students can leave at 8:30 p.m. Our Saturday class is a Parent/Child class.