Dorset – Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation


Join us every Monday, except Holiday Mondays,  at the Dorset Community Center pr Outdoor Dorset Pavilion  to learn Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation. Beginners and Advanced training. A wonderful balancing and refreshing workout! 10:30

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Kung Fu & Tai Chi /Chi Kung Camp


Register Free Camp t-shirt & 10% discount  if you register before July 25th! Temple Knights Kung Fu, Tai Chi  & Chi Kung Camp , offers beneficial & in-depth training for beginners  & advanced  in the

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Kid’s Kung Fu Power Camp


    Wednesday, August 12 - Saturday, August 15th, 2020                      Wednesday - Friday, 9 - 4 p.m. & Saturday 9 - noon Join us for the Kung Fu Adventure! Register Nourishment for mind, body

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Tai Chi & Chi Kung Retreat


  Secrets of the Master's Tai Chi & Chi Kung Retreat Register Beginners & Advanced Boost your chi and advance your knowledge and skills with Sigung John & Sifu Valerie. Expert instruction. Nourishment for mind,

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Retreat2020-06-20T14:44:54-04:00

Fa Jing & Push Hands Seminar


Learn the principles of 1. Turning a circle in on itself. 2. Gradual release of energy like a whip 3. Importance of spirals. 4. The need for soft contact and absorbing energy.   Join Master

Fa Jing & Push Hands Seminar2020-02-17T11:21:26-05:00

The Tao of Tai Chi Seminar


The Tao of Tai Chi Saturday, October 26th, 1 - 5 p.m.   The underlying force that penetrates all things is the process of opposites, the Yin and Yang. Through this force, flows all existence.

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Temple Knights Friendly Tournament & Potluck


Join us for our Friendly Tournament  10 a.m. - noon Entry Fee $25.00   Categories ~ Horse Stnace ~Obstacle Course ~Archery ~Chi Sau Stationary ~Chi Sau Moving ~Forms - Empty hand & weapons Register by

Temple Knights Friendly Tournament & Potluck2019-05-01T13:57:27-04:00

Seminar: Stillness in Motion


TEMPLE KNIGHTS MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY SEMINAR: Stillness in Motion  Saturday, October 27, 1 - 5 p.m.   The difference between the legendary Masters of the art and everyone else was the ease and effortlessness with

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