Kid’s Kung Fu Power Camp


    Wednesday, August 10 - Saturday, August 13th, 2022                      Wednesday - Friday, 9 - 4 p.m. & Saturday 9 - noon Join us for the Kung Fu Adventure! Physically distanced! Register Now! Nourishment

Kid’s Kung Fu Power Camp2021-08-24T12:57:46-04:00

Kung Fu; Tai Chi Camp


Register Temple Knights Kung Fu, Tai Chi  Camp , offers beneficial & in-depth training for beginners  & advanced  in the natural serenity of forest, stone and water. A unique experience for personal growth. Join us

Kung Fu; Tai Chi Camp2021-08-24T13:00:19-04:00

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Retreat


  Secrets of the Master's Tai Chi & Chi Kung Retreat Register Beginners & Advanced Boost your chi and advance your knowledge and skills with Sigung John & Sifu Valerie & Sifu Janna.  Expert instruction.

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Retreat2021-08-24T12:52:57-04:00

Huntsville Kung Fu


Join Sihing Adam & Sije Kate for a great outdoor Kung Fu Workout at Avery Beach every Wednesday 5:30 - 7 p.m. Classes will resume indoors when possible at Pine Glen School or another location

Huntsville Kung Fu2021-09-29T14:09:57-04:00

Kung Fu Class


  Join us on Thursdays at Temple Knights Martial Arts Academy for an amazing workout with Sigung John! Strengthen, develop your skills and grow in wisdom. Character development at its best. 5 Animals Kung Fu

Kung Fu Class2021-09-29T13:57:21-04:00

Tai Chi; Chi Kung; Meditation Class


Join Sifu Valerie on Thursday mornings in Bracebridge at Annie Williams Park for a fantastic workout for mind body and spirit. Physically distanced.  When the weather gets cooler we'll be moving to Bracebridge United Church

Tai Chi; Chi Kung; Meditation Class2021-08-02T14:34:56-04:00

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Class


Join us on Mondays for an outdoor class in classic Yang Style Tai Chi, Chi Kung ( Qigong) & meditation. Instruction in Tai Chi sword, sabre & fan forms are available for advanced students.

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Class2021-08-02T14:28:43-04:00

Kung Fu Kids Class


Join us on Mondays at 4:15- 5:15 for a great outdoor Kung Fu Workout rain or shine. Well ventilated spacious shelter is there if we need it. Physical distancing applies. Parent Child class option too.

Kung Fu Kids Class2021-08-02T14:26:45-04:00

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Class


Join us on Mondays for a Tai Chi, Chi Kung & meditation class at the Dorset Pavilion. Wonderful healing workout for mind, body and spirit. 10:30 - noon Study of Tai Chi sword, staff, sabre

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Class2021-08-02T14:23:55-04:00

Kung Fu Adult and Child class


Join us on Saturday mornings for a fun & dynamic Kung Fu class! Adults & Kids Parent /child class option. Obstacle Course. Outdoors or in our large Temple Building. 1 hour or 1 and 1/2

Kung Fu Adult and Child class2021-08-02T14:46:31-04:00