Kung Fu; Tai Chi Camp


Register Temple Knights Kung Fu, Tai Chi  Camp , offers beneficial & in-depth training for beginners  & advanced  in the natural serenity of forest, stone and water. A unique experience for personal growth. Join us

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Tai Chi – Eganville


    Join our Tuesday Tai Chi ,Chi Kung & sword class in Eganville, taught by Sifu Janna Clarke       assisted by Linda Ledbetter A wonderful workout for mind, body and spirit! The Space Between, Eganville.

Tai Chi – Eganville2021-07-16T16:45:30-04:00

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Class


Join us on Mondays for an outdoor class in classic Yang Style Tai Chi, Chi Kung ( Qigong) & meditation. Instruction in Tai Chi sword, sabre & fan forms are available for advanced students.

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Tai Chi & Chi Kung Class


Join us on Mondays for a Tai Chi, Chi Kung & meditation class at the Dorset Pavilion. Wonderful healing workout for mind, body and spirit. This class is on until the end of July and

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Tai Chi; Chi Kung; Meditation Class


Join us on Thursday mornings in Bracebridge at Annie Williams Park for a fantastic workout for mind body and spirit. Physically distanced. Advanced students can also study Tai Chi sword, sabre, fan & staff. 10-

Tai Chi; Chi Kung; Meditation Class2021-07-15T09:03:04-04:00